What Brooke DOES

Dedicated to helping you attain your website needs, Brooke researches, designs and builds websites and web applications. She writes quality code for your project or finishes incomplete websites where you or your developer left off. She maintains websites and web applications and implements new features on your current website. Most of all, Brooke helps you build your online presence: "I am here to make your vision a reality." She helps your business grow by helping you reach your audience and helping your audience reach you.
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Taking the time to clearly understand and evaluate your needs and your vision ensures a quality product is delivered. With clear and regular communication a product tailored to your specific needs will be developed.


Using a variety of programming languages and technologies, quality code is written and developed to render your project as desired. All of the code is tested extensively to ensure you receive quality bug-free code.

Design & SEO

Visually appealing designs with carefully chosen colors, fonts, and layouts that will look great whether it is viewed on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are incorporated into all of the websites created.

Peace of Mind

Brooke provides something many developers can't: Trust, Integrity, and Peace of Mind. She communicates regularly with her clients through all stages of development. She is dedicated to provide you with the quality product that you deserve. Brooke tests all projects extensively before and after launch and she is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process. All files, usernames, and passwords associated with your site will be provided to you.

What Client’s Say

  • Wow! What a fantastic job by Brooke. To say she over-delivered in quality, communication, and professionalism is an understatement. Nothing is too hard for her, she does not over promise, but she does over deliver.

    Joe Colella - SellitOn.Social

  • Brooke is Awesome!!

    Gisele - Find Joy Spread Joy

  • She provides trust and peace of mind. Trust and Integrity are big for me and Brooke delivered that by the truckload. Hire her, she won't let you down.

    Joe Colella - SellitOn.Social

Work Process

ideas & Research

First Brooke takes the time to fully understand your needs, your vision, and what it will take to deliver it. She gathers ideas and formulates a plan to deliver a product within your budget.


A design is created based on company brand, values, and target audience. All designs are mobile-responsive: it will be attractive on any device: desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Once design is approved, development begins. Content is gathered, code is written and developed to render the design. Code is tested extensively for quality.


Once approved, the website is deployed to a host of your choice, or deployed to a known and trusted hosting provider. Brooke will be availabe for any questions throughout the process.

Recent Projects

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Wordpress, E-Commerce & Custom Code

New and Used Toughbooks   

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Web Application

Awesome SKILLS

PHP 5.4+

One of the most popular server-side programming languages. PHP makes a static website dynamic, allowing the user to interact with the site server on various levels and retrieve or send information across the internet.

Javascript & jQuery

Javascript is by far the most popular and widely used client-side programming language. Javascript, jQuery, and AJAX all make the website experience more interactive, fast, responsive, and user friendly.


HTML is the backbone of every webpage and CSS is the language that styles it. The latest, HTML5 and CSS3, have great new features that allow easier development of dynamic and visually appealing websites.


MySQL is a widely popular choice of database for use in web applications. Databases can store massive amounts of information and act as the memory for dynamic web sites and applications. SQL is a language designed specifically for managing and retrieving data held in a relational database.


Search Engine Optimization is about optimizing a website's ranking in search engine results. Many variables a considered in the complex algorithms used by each search engine. SEO isn't as easy as flicking a switch watching the magic. Many techniques are used to optimize results, and results will vary dependind on many factors including keyword competition and monthly budget.


Website users have a wide variety of devices to view websites and use web applications: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Responsive design ensures that the user will find a website or web application that is visually appealing, easy to read, and easy to use, no matterwhat size device they are using.

Brooke Adrienne.

Web Developer. Solution Artist.