A Little About Brooke

Since I began developing websites and applications, I have seen a need for quality developers that people can trust. Too many times I've seen business owners hire a friend or the cheapest developer, only to find the developer abandon them, deliver an ugly low-quality product, or deliver a product filled with bugs. Aside from having the analytical, creative, problem-solving mind needed to be a great developer, I have an empathy and care for the people I serve.

I take the time to get to know my customers, their needs, their goals, their values, and their budget. For me it isn't about getting the product out the fastest, it is about delivering what the customer needs always keeping the end user in mind.

Programming languages and experience:
PHP 5.4+, mysql, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, HTML5, HTML5 Canvas, CSS, CSS3, SEO, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Wordpress. As a Freelance Developer I have had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world developing full custom websites and web applications, updating existing websites, developing specific features, and developing custom code for various projects. I always strive to expand my knowledge and experience.

"I have a passion for developing, and when I have a passion for something it's no longer a chore but a blessing when I get to do it."